Monday, February 8, 2016

Adding layer styles to colored digital stamps

Today I present to you part two in my tutorial series 

In this second tutorial we are going to look at how to transform a colored digital stamp 
with layer styles.  Creating a Jazzed up version of your color filled image.
I am using PSE10 this will work in other versions as well.

First lets take a look at the image progression...

"Fluffy Bestie image007" TM from Sherri Baldy.
You can purchase this digital stamp shown below HERE and play along.

This was from Tutorial 1
In the first video I showed you how to place different colors on layers.  
This was the resulting image...
Today I will show you how to turn the image above into the image below by just adding some layer styles to each colored layer of your digital stamp image.
Photoshop styles used:
Gettin' Wet from Just So Scrappy
Color Burn Edges by Mommyish
Other sites that I purchase PS layer styles from:
Before you continue you will need to get comfortable with Photoshop style layers.  The most difficult part if you are new to the digital world is how to install the layers in your program.

Beware not all style files work with all software and software versions so make sure you are downloading styles that will work for you. 

The good news is PSE10 comes preloaded with some basic styles 
you can use on your image to get started.

So here we go the quick simple way to add style to your colored layers...
1.  Open your image
2.  Duplicate image
3.  Close or minimize original file and work from your duplicated file 
4.  Make sure your layer files are loaded and your fx panel is selected
(This will show all of your loaded style files you can select from)

5.  Click on the layer you wish to add style to

6.  Double click onto the layer style icon you wish to use
That quickly your basic color layer has been transformed.
You will see FX appear on your layer off to the right hand side.  If you wish to further edit this layer style double click on the fx and your style options window will appear.

7.  Repeat process until your image is complete

8.  Add color burn edge style to your layers just by clicking on the layer again and double clicking on your burn edge style icon.

In the next tutorial I will show you how to even take your image into awesomesauce territory by using the burn, highlight and brush tools. 

Thanks for stopping by today;)

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