Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quickly Coloring Digital Stamps

Today I have for you the quick way to place basic color in your digi stamp image using
 Adobe PSE10.
I have Adobe Illustrator and full photoshop however, I prefer to color my digital stamps in PSE10.

Why you ask?
 I tend to play with other functions in the mentioned programs slowing down my progress 
and distracting my creative spirit.
Roll along with me here on this old school adventure as I show you how I quickly color digital stamps...

I used a new "Fluffy Bestie" TM img007 from Sherri Baldy.
You can purchase this digital stamp image HERE.

1.  Open your digital stamp

2.  Duplicate the file

3.  Close or minimize the original file and work on the duplicated file

4.  Remove the background if you are working on a jpg file
Eraser Tool
Background Eraser
click on your digital stamp image with the background eraser to remove the white

5.  Click on your magic wand tool

6.  Select your digital stamp layer that you just duplicated
for this video my layer is called fluffy

7.  With you magic wand tool select all areas you want to have the same color fill by clicking around on your digital stamp layer

8.  Go to the top hit 

In the video since I worked ahead I already had created a new layer and labeled it skin
To create a new layer click on 
Create New Layer icon in the bottom of your layers palette next
rename the layer for the part of the digi stamp you are working on.
Pull the layer down below your digital stamp layer in the layers palette

9.  Click on your new layer
Click on your paint bucket
Click on the image to release the color

Go back to the top hit select

Now it is just a matter of repeating the steps until you have each color on 
its own layer.

I will show you in the next video how these separate layers make adding layer styles fast and easy.

Enjoy the video...

Thanks for stopping by today;)

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